Gymnastics training.

French course teaching, in partnership with the CCF and Allonnes city.

Arabic lessons for international volunteer  

Summer camp 
07.08.2017— 14.08.02017
during one week of our summer camp we did many activity with children and international volunteer 
(Sport, Swimming , Drew , Cooking , Games ,  Els …. )  

Dabka Training 
every Friday the young people meet in keffiyeh center and start dabka training.

Communiction training in Keffiyeh center…


Meeting with CEMÉA association in order to develop new projects for the future


The youth exchange program
Keffiyeh delegation in Le Mans for the youth exchange program with Keffiyeh Center – La ville d’Allonnes and Ceama Pdll 

Leadership training

Keffiyeh center children welcomed the Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al Hamdallah in new Askar camp, and they perform a dance show during the opening of the hall of joys, this project funded by the Prime Minister Fund and the the popular Committee for the services of new Askar camp.

All of us had an issue and in Dance we fight for our Right


The youth exchange program
Keffiyeh delegation in Le Mans for the youth exchange program with Keffiyeh Center – La ville d’Allonnes and Ceama Pdll…

Two days of continuous activities with the kids in Keffiyeh center

IMG_5940 IMG_5899

Winter camp for women
For the first time in winter, we’ve organised a 9-days program for women. Every morning about 20 women have gathered together to take part in the activities. We’ve started with a self-expression workshop, and then we’ve had a nutrition conference, a Zumba training, puppets and jewellery creation, and finally sport.

IMG_5956 IMG_5960
Recycling Project with children

For the first time, children have been involved in the recycling project. This project aims at creating new things from waste. This time we’ve created pencil cases.

10931343_825548530841525_5902133271386567094_n  chateauIMG_5936 +IMG_5921
Indoors and outdoors activities for children

Winter is no excuse to stop working, and despite the cold children still want to play and have fun. We ran for them different games and activities, focusing on creating approaches. Thus we invited children to walk in the camp in teams of six, and to collect stuff in the street. The goal of this activity was to encourage them imagine and creating things from the materials they could find. As a result we’ve had one castle, one house, one garage, one boy and… one rocket. 🙂

school support
School Support
December 2015
December is a very busy month in Palestine, as most of the children and teenagers have exams. Although they had a lot of work, Keffiyeh’s volunteers provided school support in mathematics, sciences and english.

1465751_785266178203094_629719615313521566_o 10479074_785266174869761_4404253959358762940_o
Hula Hoop workshops by Hoop Relief Organization
November 2015
HoopRelief uses hula hoop as a stress-releasing tool to children in affected regions. Through hula hoop dance the children will satisfy their basic needs of joy, play and happiness. Satisfying these needs will help them to improve the future well-being of their communities. A one week workshops for the children of the camp has been arranged in November. Video & Article

IMG_5211 IMG_5131
Playing sport in New Askar
02.11.2014 and 09.11.2014
What can you do on a sunny sunday in New Askar camp? With the Keffiyeh team we play sport. Two hours of fun, training and –more and less- good game. Girls played alongside with boys, and they weren’t bad at all. As we say in palestinian arabic: halu!

10620429_776837469045965_7040176637277560286_o 10628931_838176532901643_7840569432996271191_o
1891086_778766698853042_5092171083439775855_nA delegation from the city of Allonnes, Cémea and Génération Handala. From France.
22.10.2014 – 24.10.2014
Keffiyeh Center has welcomed a delegation from the town council of Allonnes in France, to develop exchanges and partnerships between New Askar camp and this french city. Both elected members, director of music school and militants from organization supporting Palestine came to discover the situation and the life of the camp. They met the volunteers of Keffiyeh, political parties, the popular committee of the camp, a former prisoner and some students to make a correspondence with students in France. It was a great time for all of us to speak and share with them! Pictures

IMG_5108 10636828_773474259382286_7961042960725341606_o
English and French classes
English and French classes are given by international volunteers in Keffiyeh Center once a week for beginners and for those who want to improve their language skills.

Graffiti_Ahmad_Keffiyeh 10801595_997235506959048_4421439090180256602_n
New graffiti by Keffiyeh Center
Thanks to our writer from the hip hop section, there are new graffiti in the camp!

10707921_846948281996263_1101029003_n 2 1477486_846948278662930_237177068_n10620571_953556567993609_1409209744158612450_nHip Hop Smash the Wall
17.09.2014 – 23.09.2014
An italian project that brings together hip hop artists from Palestine and from Italy. Our rap band “Sound World” recorded a new song with italian rappers and our writer realized a new graffiti in Ramallah with an italian writer. The album will be ready soon… stay tuned!

IMG_5088 IMG_5116
Recycling project

A recycling project has been started in Keffiyeh Center with palestinians and internationals volunteers. Youth between 15 and 20 years old are invited to make new things with plastic bottles or waste. The main idea is to use the waste as there are many in the streets of the camp to build objects and develop new skills together.

The first video of our rap band ‘Sound World’ on youtube!
Finally, “Black Cloud”, the second song of ‘Sound World’, has a video. Enjoy it on youtube! And if you want to see the backstage… click here!

Italian Delegation at Keffiyeh Center
An italian delegation visited Keffiyeh Center and New Askar Camp!

10687188_749642785098767_2494445276532237306_n une-delegation-de-jeunes-palestiniens-de-passage
Meeting with the mayor of the city of Allonnes (France)
The mayor of the city of Allonnes, Gilles Leproust, welcomes the delegation of 13 palestinians from Keffiyeh Center, read the article here.

Documentary video by CapRumbo in partnership with Keffiyeh Center
From France the idea to realize a short video about the life in Palestine and specifically in New Askar Refugee Camp.

10610677_740472922682420_1134950941634341913_n 10599350_741580019238377_2640733381525040262_n


Summer Camp 2014, we make children happy! August 9th-16th. A great success. More than 150 children benefited from our activities during the Summer Camp. Local and International volunteers worked together to give a funny and happy summer week to the children of the camp. Games, painting, dabke, puppet shows, a drawing in solidarity with the children in Gaza, outdoor activities and a day to the swimming pool! Pictures

SUMMER CAMP at Keffiyeh Center
From 7th to 23rd August 2014
Come and share intense moments with us!
From 7th to 23rd August 2014, Keffiyeh Center invites you to participate in its summer camp in New Askar. It is the great opportunity to discover Palestine while organizing activities for children with our volunteers!

For more information:
In English  : Summer_Camp_EN
In French  : Summer_Camp _FR
In Italian   : Summer_Camp _IT
Application form

1394091_741368705926175_842780316103844390_n 1521581_740702135992832_2162894052005677165_n
International Youth Exchange
August the 17th, under a youth exchange agreement, 12 guys from Keffiyeh Center will spend 10 days in France. Conferences, debates, performances of theatre, rap music and dabke dance will take place in Nantes, Allonnes, Paris and Saint Nazaire. At the same time, we are eagerly waiting to welcome to Palestine a group of 12 guys from Nantes during the upcoming Autumn.

A march in solidarity with Gaza
The keffiyeh’s march in solidarity with our people in the Gaza Strip.

997013_729036077159438_974073435615509252_n 10403646_729036400492739_5721534738197428450_n
A football league in solidarity with Gaza
Football League “We are all Gaza ” organized by keffiyeh Center. The final game between the Shati refugee camp and Rafah.

Supporting the poor families of Askar Camp
Distribution of food, sweets and drinks for the poor families of Askar Camp.

A delegation from the United States
As every year, also this summer a group from the USA visited Keffiyeh Center and New Askar Camp!

P1150941 P1150943
Our handmade soap is ready to be sold!

During the women’s summer camp, we made soaps, and after 6 weeks of seasoning… here it
is, ready to use!

Happy Palestine
A video clip by Marine, from France. We participated because we want to show that we are resolved to rise above our pain, be joyful, celebrate life and celebrate Palestine. Happiness is one of the strongest act of resistance. More.

DSC_0034-001 DSC_0049
Party for Children

About 100 children came to the party organized by our volunteers. Entertainment, games, dabka show, clown show and many gifts to put a smile upon the faces of the kids!

Workshop: a newsletter for Askar Camp
Nicolas, from France, and Keffiyeh’s volunteers started a new project.

10340134_828617280490807_6758844969334726779_n 10422925_714309641965415_4877781134305109881_nDead Sea and Wadi Al Qalt (Jericho)
13.06.2014 and 27.06.2014
Special days for the volunteers, both palestinians and internationals, before the Ramadan. A trip to the Dead Sea and barbecue and dabka in Wadi Al Qalt (Jericho).

Arabic lessons for international volunteers in Keffiyeh association, twice per week.

The Sky of New Askar
Volunteers of Keffiyeh Center creating kites with Palestinian colors, and children making them fly in the sky of Askar. A symbolic action to support prisonners on hunger strike for 45 days.

10338341_699760213420358_2260696362404200162_n النادي الصيفي النساء
Women’s summer camp

One week’s Summer Camp for women. Soaps, jewellery, yoga, a day trip and more! At the end, a certificate has been delivered to all the participants!

Sound World, our rap band, at Best Talent Show
See their performance here at 2.06.40h

2 leo
A new rap song
When music means international solidarity. A young guy from Germany and Sound World (our rap band) create a new song together, ‘Black Cloud’. See the working in progress of their video.

hip hop
Hip Hop training
First lesson by our volunteer from Italy. Thanks Caterina!

Writing Project Proposals

First day of the Writing Projects Training with the volunteers and Aline.

Meeting with our partner from France
Discussing new trainings and activities.

10290703_679148795481500_7789423838197394467_n 1890430_683176328412080_5815753281923444783_o
English, French and Italian classes

With Aline from France, and Caterina from Italy!

Voluntary work

Today the guys of Keffiyeh Center cleaned the Martyrs’ Cemetery in New Askar Camp.

Dabka show
Little show out-of-doors by our children for a filmaker working on a film entitled Happiness.

Theatre activity

The guys of Keffiyeh Center take part to an UNRWA activity. They use theatre to make drug prevention.

Our Volunteers in Askar School

Organization of an open day for students in Askar School.

Soul health session by UNRWA
Training session organized by UNRWA. The topic of today is “Self-determination”.

1525481_860601073957190_1686942521234563903_n 1468778_614088645339880_1743810419_n
Our rap band Sound World at Best Talent in Palestine

Sound World is the rap band of Keffiyeh Center. They were successfully selected to participate in the tv programme Best Talent. ‘Back Word’ is their song. Stay tuned! Video

Études et actions socio-éducatives en Palestine
France. Lecture by one of Keffiyeh’s volunteers about studies and socio-educational activities in Palestine.

One of our guys is the West Bank Boxe Champion
“I started when I was 14 years old, with my uncle. I will continue until I will be the world champion!”. From New Askar to France! Video

1 1511396_436808176419448_701551644_n
A two days Palestinian Festival in Italy

Among the speakers: the award winner palestinian journalist, on the right, and one of Keffiyeh’s volunteers, on the left, to talk about the palestinian refugee camps.

B.A.F.A. training, first day of the session
In french BAFA means “Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur”.

The same day at Keffiyeh Center a delegation from Italy and one from France

Tour of the camp, debates, videos, exhibitions. To end the day, dabka dance and an italian song, all together! Video



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