New Askar

Established in 1964, as a consequence of the severe overcrowding of Askar Camp, New Askar Refugee Camp is located in the east of Nablus. However, it is not officially recognised as a camp, and there are thus no UNRWA facilities. Nowadays, the camp has 7.000 inhabitants living in 0.1 square kilometres. They come from 40 different villages and cities which are now under israeli borders (1948 territories). There are two schools and one clinic but no playground for children or meeting point for its inhabitants.



How to get to New Askar Refugee Camp?

At Ben Gurion airport (Tel Aviv)*: take a Nesher (a shuttle that waits until it fills up) to Jerusalem and ask the driver to drop you off at Nablus Road (64 NIS, 1 hour).

At Queen Alia airport (Amman, Jordan)*: take a bus to King Hussein/Allenby Bridge border crossing, it is the border between Jordan and Palestine (8 JDO, 45 minutes). Once at the border, you have to go through the jordanian border check and pay an exit fee (20 JOD). After that, you board a bus (4 JOD and 1.5 JOD per baggage) that crosses the border and drops you off in front of the second border check. After that, take a servìs (collective taxi) to Jerusalem and ask the driver to drop you off at Nablus Road (40 NIS, 30 minutes).

* A three months tourist visa is issued upon arrival at the airport, after an interview, for free.

At Jerusalem: at the end of Nablus Road there is the Arab Bus Station. Take the bus 18 or 19 to Ramallah bus station (8 NIS, 45 minutes).

At Ramallah: at the bus station take a bus to Nablus (11 NIS, 80 minutes) or reach the servìs station (5 minutes walking distance) and take a servìs (collective taxi) to Nablus (17 NIS, 1 hour). Ask the driver to drop you off at Al-Duwar (the main square).

At Nablus: from Al-Duwar (the main square) reach the ‘Mall’, a shopping center (5 minutes walking distance). Inside the mall, at the underground floor there is the servìs station. Ask for New Askar or Askar Al-Jadid and tell the driver to drop you off at Keffiyeh Center or Marqaz Kufìa (2.5 NIS, 15 minutes).

Total cost: 85.5 NIS (+/- 18€, 25$)
Total hours: max 3 hours

Tel Aviv / Amman –> Jerusalem –> Ramallah –> Nablus –> New Askar Camp