As a non-profit association, Keffiyeh Center depends on financial support from individuals, partners and foundations around the world.

We are an association based on voluntary work. We are all volunteers!

Your contribution is essential to our work with children, youth and women in New Askar Refugee Camp.

Would you like to support the activities of Keffiyeh Center through a:

donation of stuff ?
We would appreciate the gift of everything could be helpful for our work in the office and in the development of our activities.
Any little donation makes a big difference and a long-lasting smile!

donation ?
No matter how large or small,
Every little contribution will help Keffiyeh Center further in its work!
Consider also to become a monthly donor and so to support our activities throughout all the year with a small monthly contribution.

fundraising event ?
Raising funds for our association will help us to improve our work.

Other ways you can help:
Follow us and our activities
Spread the word about our association and our work
by talking and writing about it
Volunteer with us

Egyptian Arab Land Bank (Nablus branch)
Keffiyeh Social Association
Nablus – Askar AlJadeed
Iban  PS18ARLB000675020001783200026

Thank you for
your contribution


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